When it comes to communicating under pressure, the Forensic expert witness is truly ‘on the hot seat’. By definition, the expert witness must hold their own against critical/hostile questioning by the opposing counsel.

On cross examination by the defense, the forensic expert witness was asked whose
hair samples and fingerprints were found in and outside of the vehicle.
He has acted for both the prosecution and the defence and has been appointed as
a computer forensic expert witness in both civil and criminal cases.

He has served as a consultant for tooling lead time and cost reduction by applying lean thinking and has also been a forensic expert witness for litigation.

For instance, there is a lengthy review of under what circumstances and for what types of acts a forensic expert witness is liable to civil suit. Generally speaking, opposing counsel will have two major goals during his cross-examination of a forensic witness. These are to lessen the credibility of the witness and to use the witness, where possible, to bolster his own case